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The Fondation Philippe Wiener - Maurice Anspach turned fifty in 2015. Born out of the remarkable generosity and foresight of Phyllis Beddington Wiener, the Foundation has grown and strengthened in a half century and it has proven to be a powerful catalyst of cooperation between the Université libre de Bruxelles and the Universities of Cambridge and Oxford. The funding has continued to be balanced between fellowships to post-graduate students and to doctoral and postdoctoral researchers, in addition to the financing of collaborative research projects between teams from the ULB, Oxford and Cambridge.

The Foundation’s support has been a springboard for the careers of over 500 Alumni. Some have excelled in academia, others in public service, and yet others in the private sector. And the younger generation is not any less talented. Our ambition is to leverage this exceptional pool of wisdom, talent and goodwill for the benefit of future generations of Fellows. This is how we hope to help Alumni help future Alumni achieve their dreams, just like theirs were fulfilled.

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