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The Alumni Network
The Alumni Network
In 2015 The Wiener - Anspach Foundation celebrated its fifty years of activity by organising two events, one at the Embassy of Belgium in London, the other at the Palais des Académies in Brussels. These two highly successful events allowed us to gather a great number of Alumni, who expressed the wish to reestablish ties among themselves and with the Foundation.

We have thus decided to set up an Alumni network, with two aims:

  • Strengthen the ties among our Alumni by regularly organising specific activities or by involving them more in the preexisting activities of the Foundation. The principle guiding us will be by the Alumni, for the Alumni.

  • Offer our young Alumni (and the current fellows at the end of their grant period) the possibility to be coached or mentored by former fellows who will have made themselves available.

The Alumni Network has a LinkedIn group, which we invite you to join.

We count on your contribution to ensure the development of this network. We would love to receive your comments and suggestions at fwa.alumni@ulb.ac.be.

We look forward to hearing from you soon,

Pierre Vaesen
(1972/1973 Fellow in Cambridge)
Christophe Snoeck (2010/2011 Fellow in Oxford)

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